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AW21 Lookbook

Immersive audio-visual lookbook for london based fashion brand


AW21 Lookbook

In collaboration with A-COLD-WALL* we developed an audio-visual lookbook that let's the visitor explore the collection and additional footage. To enhance the experience the users interact by manipulating and distorting the visual layer as well as the audio.


Nosaj Thing x Bureau cool


Live visuals with Nosaj Thing using the physical space as digital texture

Nosaj Thing x Bureau cool


Ongoing live visual collaboration with Nosaj Thing. Previous shows at Sonar 2019 involved creating an immersive environment connecting artist performance to audience interaction and physical space. This environment was captured with night vision cameras, where live visuals were then manipulated to the music in real time, using a custom built setup syncing browser technology, wireless camera network, and midi control.


Heliot Emil

Unstable Equilibrium

Audio-visual experience exploring the combination of machine-learning and traditional media for a fashion lookbook

Heliot Emil

Unstable Equilibrium

We used machine-learning to calculate the depth of all contents and let the visitor manipulate the settings in real-time. This enables a spatial experience of typically flat media. The sound layer is affected by user interactions.

Sound design: Holodec


Alexander Wang x Adidas

The last hack

Live visuals and hacker game broadcast for a fashion release party

Alexander Wang x Adidas

The last hack

Animation and live visuals for Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals capsule collection, produced at the Brooklyn museum in New York in collaboration with Offline Projects. The production setup included 4 hacker stations equipped with 2 computers each. All screen activity was overlaid on top of live CCTV footage of attendees teaming up to solve hacking challenges. this was broadcast across 4 projectors and an led plinth in the center of the space. All composition and effects were rendered and applied in real-time.

Creative direction: Offline projects
Production: MACREATIVE+



Street Talk

Website and generative animations using ML


Street Talk

Website featuring a generative animation system designed and developed for LA based musician Holodec. Created to visualize the thematic direction of the artist’s latest release 'Street Talk', we collaborated to build a system that morphs visual elements from one image to the next, creating an endless stream of custom imagery. Dynamic masking is created using a ML image segmentation algorithm that divides images into different categorized segments. The generative system is also audio-reactive. The website imagery was further used to produce promotional assets for the release campaign.

Online version: Holodec.world


Jai Paul


Infinite 3d space with user profiles and realtime activity interaction

Jai Paul


Website ushering in the long awaited return of XL recordings artist Jai Paul. The goal of the site was to fully capture Jai’s world – from his works, to his character – and to present it in an infinite 3d space. This space is setup as a grid, on which users can move around, see other online users and interact with each other. User accounts can be upgraded to gain access to extended functionality that unlocks hidden content. The site was built using a custom CMS that is tied to an e-commerce system.

ONLINE: jai-paul.com


Nosaj Thing

No Mind

A meditative journey through webcams based on previous visitor locations

Nosaj Thing

No Mind

Following Nosaj Thing's idea for the EP of freeing your mind and slowing down, our aim was a slow-paced experience. For every user visiting the site, a webcam close the the users location gets picked and stored. This lets you visually dive through previous visitor locations, accompanied and affected by the music.



Websites & Visuals

Ongoing collaboration with a techno club in kiev


Websites & Visuals

Ongoing collaboration with a new techno club in kiev, E / "there does not exist". For every season we develop a website that shows the line-up as well as an interesting visual. Next to the website other physical items are created that are influenced by the website or the other way around.

Design: RAM
Concept: Bureau Cool & RAM

ONLINE: itbegins.today lookingfor.vision


Kendrick Lamar

Damn Pop-up Site

3D visualization of the DAMN tour stops

Kendrick Lamar

Damn Pop-up Site

Website for Kendrick Lamar's DAMN Pop-up stores. Simple and direct interaction let's the user reveal additional information to each city using the outline of the US as omnipresent element.

Dekmantel Festival 2020 Campaign site & animations animation, 3d, website #BC00052

Dekmantel Festival 2020

Campaign site & animations

2020 website for Dekmantel Festival, a world renowned electronic music festival taking place annually in Amsterdam. The dynamic approach to the design results in a perpetually evolving experience that mixes 3d compositions with interactive type animations. The same system allowed us to create a social media content generator.

ONLINE: 2020.dekmantelfestival.com

Atomo Management Archive web, archive, portfolio #BC00042

Atomo Management


The portfolio of the italian artist representation Atomo Management. A moody langing page sets the vibe by blending selected imagery. The other parts of the site focus on a minimal and content focused design.

ONLINE: atomomanagement.com

Nosaj Thing No Reality EP artwork, website #

Nosaj Thing

No Reality EP

Nosaj Thing's album art was created using a custom browser based tool kit, allowing us to change the style, motion and behaviour of type in real time. High resolution image sequences were exported to create a series of art options and a high-res animation.

Accomplying Nosaj Thing's tour visuals, his website let's you dive into the NO REALITY tracks and interact with the visuals.

Timetable Records FW17 website #

Timetable Records


Timetable Records is an L.A. based record label. For their clothing capsule collection with Union Los Angeles, we created a webpage showcasing the lookbook imagery, individual pieces and exclusive mixtape.

Holodec Drunk off dat Liqa artwork, image, audio, website #


Drunk off dat Liqa

Artwork, animations and website for Holodec’s “Drunk off that Liqa” release. To further amplify the artist’s futurist aesthetic, custom three dimensional liquor bottles were created using particle systems. All bottles are automatically generated from flat source imagery. The website experience allows for users to control both audio and visual elements for minimal to maximal effect.

ONLINE: holodec.world/drunk

Glitch Paris Portfolio portfolio, 3d, animation #BC00035

Glitch Paris


Website for french video production company, Glitch Paris. To emphasise their brand, we created custom shaders for video transitions to present real time glitch effects.

ONLINE: glitchparis.tv

Martian Flag Assembly Digital Exhibition 3d, website #

Martian Flag Assembly

Digital Exhibition

Exhibition website for Martian Flag Assembly. The site showcases seven flag proposals designed by an international lineup of renowned artists, to be planted by astronauts arriving on mars during the first manned mission. The exhibition was curated by matter and hosted at future-living lab Space10 in Copenhagen.

360PM Portfolio website, portfolio, archive #



Website for 360PM, an international production company. This portfolio uses a circular distortion method on the landing page as a design nod to its namesake. A category overview displays the different fields of expertise, teasing featured projects, the project detail views the are listed below each other allowing a continues exploration.

ONLINE: 360pm.net

Nosaj Thing Parallels tour site website, 3d #

Nosaj Thing

Parallels tour site

Animated website for Nosaj Thing's parallels north-american tour. The design is based on the album’s static artwork, bringing the elements into a fully dynamic realm of motion interactivity, enabled by user scrolling actions.

MMAATTCCHH Website website, portfolio #



Website for Berlin based video production company, MMAATTCCHH. This website is designed around bold typography and subtle perspective transformations. Custom shader effects blend in video previews on hover.

ONLINE: mmaattcchh.de

Department of New Realities Portfolio 3d, animation #BC00033

Department of New Realities


Website for the future-forward internal branch of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam: The Department of New Realities. Featuring an experimental landing page that allows visitors to endlessly explore the dept’s universe with a mix of distinct aesthetics and occasional presentation of their philosophies.

Timetable Records Catalog site e-commerce, animation, website #BC00036

Timetable Records

Catalog site

Website for Timetable Records, based in Los Angeles. The goal for this platform was to showcase the label’s variety of creative output. The various output mediums are presented in a uniquely original interactive flat grid environment. Purchasable products are linked to Shopify to enable straight forward e-commerce functionality.

Company Records Website website, image-creation #BC00032

Company Records


Website for Toro Y Moi frontman, Chaz Bear. We approached this website using a split screen motif to differentiate between company records and his design studio, Company Studio. Users are able to paint on the screen with their mouse while ambient audio plays in the background. The playful environment allows users to seamlessly switch between the art canvas and traditional site functions.

ONLINE: companyrecordlabel.com

Diane Martel Portfolio portfolio, animation #BC00021

Diane Martel


Portfolio website for legendary music video director Diane Martel. To evoke Diane’s broad spectrum of work and her trademark style of extravagance, we created a bespoke text scroller affecting perspective, form, and mutation along a bed of vibrant colors, while still allowing for the work to be the primary audience focus.

ONLINE: diane-martel.com


Bureau Cool develops bespoke solutions in close partnership with brands, artists or cultural institutions. The work spans from digital to physical and its intersection.

Founded by Ben Wegscheider the studio is operating worldwide from Berlin with a network of partners throughout europe, USA & the asia pacific region.

Represented by MACREATIVE+

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Selected clients
Bottega Veneta
XL Recordings
TDE / Kendrick Lamar
Anonymous Club
Heliot Emil
Nosaj Thing
Het Niewe Instituut
Toro Y Moi
Alexander Wang x Adidas

Get in touch if you're a dedicated learner looking to support our work: internship@bureau.cool

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